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Our Story We named our business Totem® because we stand by our word.

At Totem® our goal is to provide a simple, no-risk service for folks to cash in on the investment they've made in their existing devices so that they can keep up with the latest trends in technology.

Simply put, we have the resources to resell, refurbish and recycle large quantities of outdated, broken technology and we are here to bridge consumers with that demand. We do this by offering fair pricing and a simple process to cash in unwanted devices.

We Value Social Responsbility

Our values are simple; to honor our quotes, take care of our customers and recycle or resell their used cell phones with safe, environmental standards.

As our first companies cash4iphones and cash4Blackberry grew, technology evolved, and it soon made sense to expand our business to serve more people and their mobile device choices. It is with this in mind that we've created Totem. One central place to sell outdated and broken cell phones and handheld devices with the confidence that comes along with a reputation for doing right by our customers.

We take great pride in offering fair quotes and honoring those quotes. 

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